Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Blowhard blows no more....

I've had 2 Blowhards on my blogroll for years now -- probably since about a year into the life of this blog. It's a cultural blog, featuring posts that are almost always interesting and well-written, even if their stance is one I'm not entirely in agreement with. (At least, the posts on which I have enough knowledge to have an opinion -- the range of topics over there is quite vast, and there are many topics on which I know absolutely nothing.) The blog started as a dialogue between the two blog owners -- hence the title, "2 Blowhards". One of them, "Friedrich", stepped down several years back, but another, "Donald", stepped into that breach. Through it all, though, one of the originals, "Michael Blowhard", has remained.

Until now. Michael Blowhard is stepping down. That's a shame, but having once walked away from blogging for several months myself, I completely understand his viewpoint. The number of blogs that I remember from the early days in which I was doing this which are still active is slowly going down. Sooner or later, blogs either change direction or close down. It's pretty much inevitable.

Anyway, best of luck to Michael Blowhard.

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Unknown said...

Many thanks, it's been great. A big part of the fun has been sharing the blogosphere with inspired earlybirds and longtimers like ByzantiumShores.