Sunday, September 06, 2009

No, I don't kill my pets.

For no real reason, here's one of my favorite scenes ever from The West Wing. This is when President Bartlet decided to hire the whip-smart Republican woman who came out of nowhere to make Sam look like an idiot on national teevee:

I loved this scene, and it points out one of the show's real flaws. Aaron Sorkin would create some wonderful characters and then underutilize them awfully. Ainsley Hayes was a terrific character who only appeared a handful of times after her introduction to the show. That was a shame -- as was the fact that the show always had her in scenes with Sam afterwards, when in fact her best chemistry was with Leo. Oh well. I still love this scene -- the repartee between Ainsley and Leo is just fantastic.

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Tonio Kruger said...

That is a great scene. It makes me wish I had watched the original series more often when it was on the air.