Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

[Wow! I wrote this post on Saturday and published it using Blogger's new "Scheduled Publishing" feature, and it works! Cool!]

Here we go!

:: Geez, what a way to go. The question is, does this fellow get added to the official roster of Civil War deaths?

:: I'm going to apologize in advance for this, but I read of the New Jersey Hall of Fame, and I immediately wondered if the museum's corridors will be punctuated every forty feet by a tollbooth, at which one must pay seventy-five cents to continue with the tour.

(OK, joking aside, I don't think there's anything the least bit weird about a New Jersey Hall of Fame. It's an old and populous state, so of course it's contributed lots of notable American citizens, including two Presidents. I just can't help making fun of the Jersey Turnpike. Because the New York State Thruway isn't mockable at all. Heh....)

:: Back in my orchestral trumpet playing days, I used to wish we could do the Main Theme from Star Wars -- until just a few minutes ago when I saw the first page of the score, and saw that as the principal trumpet player, I would have had to make a fortissimo entrance on a double-C. Talk about being exposed if you screw up!

:: I'm conflicted by this. See, I actually agree with what the guy's singing. Which makes me the biggest geek of all! (Oh, and Billy Dee Williams is awesome for taking part in this.)

OK, that's all. Be well out there, folks!

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Kevin J. Hosey said...

We played the symphonic version of the theme from "Star Wars" in symphonic band in high school, Jaquandor. Not an easy piece at all, especially for the brass section. It made sense in the end, but we in the lower brass section (I was lower brass section leader, surprising for a tuba player) hated practicing our parts separate because it sounded so, well, dopey.

But I bet you would have made a bold, daring and forceful entrance.