Saturday, May 03, 2008

The hyphen: is there anything it can't do?

OK, I was tagged by Blue Girl with this. It's a one-word answer quiz-thing. I'm never all that good at one-word answer stuff; I do best with lots-of-word answers. But let's see how I do, eh?

(BTW, I wrote this on Thursday night and saved it, so some of the answers are incomprehensible if you don't know that I was watching NBC's Thursday night roster of comedies at the time.)

Yourself: Wondering.

Your Partner: Beloved.

Your Hair: Long

Your Mother: Librarian

Your Father: Logical

Your Favorite Item: Laptop!

Your Dream Last Night: Sensual (Well, it was! So there!)

Your Favorite Drink: Water

Your Dream Home: Bag-end (A loophole, I've found! Thank you, O magical hyphen!)

The Room You Are In: Book-filled

Your Fear: McCain

Where Do You Want to be in 10 years: There

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Daughter

What You Are Not: Thin

Muffins: Lemon-poppyseed (I had to cheat there, that's my favorite muffin flavor!)

One of Your Wish Items: Prius

Time: Incessant

Last Thing You Did: Ate

What You Are Wearing: Sweatshirt (Ahhh! You all thought I'd say something else!)

Your Favorite Weather: Autumnal

Your Favorite Book: Tolkien's

Last Thing You Ate: Casserole

Your Mood: Pooped....

Your Best Friends: Beloved

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Fey (As in, Tina.)

Your Car: Grannymobile

Your Summer: Hot

What’s on your TV: 30Rock (hence my answer three questions up)

What Is Your Weather Like: Chill

When Was the Last Time You Laughed: Michael-versus-Stanley (again, no way to do this one without resorting to Mr. Hyphen.)

What is your relationship status: Blessed

And there we go. That was fun. I'm not going to tag anyone, just grab-and-go, folks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing, Jacquandor! (I can never rememeber if I'm spelling your name right! Please forgive if I goofed.)

I also appreciate the magic of the hyphen! When I was doing those 100 word posts, those little ditties sure came in handy!