Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night something went haywire with the main computer here at Casa Jaquandor, so for the second time in six months I had to re-format everything and start from scratch. Grrrrr. So, once again, all of my Firefox bookmarks are gone. I had a lot of blogs I was following in a bookmarks folder; they're all gone. I can remember some of them, but not all, so if yours is a blog I may or may not have been reading before this happened and now I won't be reading at all, sorry about that. (But hey, feel free to leave recommendations in comments.)

I have no idea what happened this time. Last time, a series of rapid-fire power outages in the middle of a thunderstorm were the culprit, but this time, something just went belly-up in the course of a restart. Luckily, in March I had to renew my subscription to Norton Security, which at the time meant upgrading to the most recent version. The current version includes automatic backing up of files to their servers (you get 2GB to start and can buy more; so far, the 2GB is fine but I may buy more later). I've been re-downloading my own files for about four hours now, as of this writing. It's about 93.1% finished now, so hopefully after that I'll have all of my old files back, except for the music and video stuff that I can just re-download anyway. (I don't keep much music at all on the main computer, since I don't use it for listening. That stuff is all on the laptop, which is working just fine.)

My next major electronics purchase, though, is almost certainly to be a portable hard drive. Then I won't have to worry about this kind of thing much at all.

(Also, I'm in the first day of a rare four-day weekend for me, so posting will be light until Sunday.)


Jeremy said...

There's a totally nifty Firefox plugin that syncs all your links to Google, if you have a Google account and don't mind them knowing what you link to.

SAW said...