Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Right now, the only thing I find more tiring than the continued spasms of the lunatics who do nothing other than read the tea leaves in everything for any sign of the Coming of the Caliphate (hey, that can be the next Indiana Jones movie! Indiana Jones and the Coming of the Caliphate!) is that their moronic spasms still seem to work.

Of course, there are doubtless those who chalk this up as some kind of major victory for Western decency or something...but the cravenness of companies viz. their advertising is well established by now. Remember that Cingular commercial that had a guy briefly sing "Jimmy Crack Corn" during a phone call?

Anyway, congratulations to Michelle Malkin, who thus gets to add another notch to her "Mighty Blogger Against the Caliphate" bedpost. I hope it was good for her.

(And since I'm getting all political and stuff, sure, I'm thrilled at the prospect of lots of tell-all books about the disaster that is the Bush Administration. But Scott McClellan doesn't get any props from me. Telling the truth five years after playing a large role in the actions that caused the damage to get done in the first place, when now the rest of the country has realized how disastrous the damage was and the polling numbers of the people who did it are in the toilet really doesn't take a whole lot of guts. So thanks, Scotty. But you can still piss off.)


Anonymous said...

Oh good God!

I don't know which is more pathetic, the paranoid Fox News personality who goes through life jumping at shadows and seeing terrorists in fashion choices, or the craven corporate suits who immediately started bowing and scraping for the sin of allowing somebody to wear a scarf in a commercial! When is our paranoid society finally going to allow our sphincters to unpucker a little?

Anonymous said...

Worse: as more neo-cons boycott Starbucks for Dunkin, less of the money spent in the coffee industry supports employees receiving healthcare and real benefits.