Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Note to self

Next time The Daughter brings home a slip from school written by the teacher to inform me that she didn't finish her work on time, before you flip out and start yelling, remember that it could be worse.

Ye Gods.


Belladonna said...

It's all a matter of perspective. When my kids were going through their teen years I was working in a treatment facility for broken adolecents. I was part of the treatment team for kids who set small animals on fire or were suicidal or dangerous to other kids. Because of that if my boys blew their curfew or got caught drinking I tended to scold them with a few stern lectures but never could get all that upset.
Now, when my 15 yr old went joyriding in the middle of the night and totalled my car...that was another matter. People who heard he'd been in a serious accident would ask "what your son hurt?" I'd reply "Not yet, but I'm still considering it as an option."

Belladonna said...

Ya know, I really do wish blogger comments had spell check. It's incredibly annoying to post something quickly on the fly and then see my fingers fumbled. Bah humbug!