Monday, May 12, 2008

Sentential Links #140

Here we go!

:: You rarely see a gun, or a silencer, or a decapitation in an Archie comic. (Wow! I can cross another item off my "Things I never thought I'd see" list.)

:: GREAT balls. Bob Dylan makes DELICIOUS balls. (Oh, go look. It's safe for work, not at all what you're thinking, you dirty-bird!)

:: ART is a beautiful woman, specifically the suntanned legs that went on for miles belonging to the lady who had just left the shop in those high high heels. He stood there for a moment, and the realization dawned. I had him.

:: To the senseless captains of Electronic Arts: Fall under a bus and die, you rotten offspring of ignorance and folly. You’ll never get my money. Good luck trying to get some out of the pirates.

:: I love Iron Man because he's a superhero who isn't bitten by a spider, who doesn't come from another planet, who hasn't simply mutated. He's just a dude with a giant brain. Tony Stark finds a way to fully realize his superhero attribute -- his genius. (Long post about a bunch of topics.)

:: Anyone who wants to have my copy, let me know. Mint condition, thrown only once. (I was going to make fun of Sir Jones the Indestructible for his inability to get through a long and difficult novel, but then my copy of Brothers K popped up its head and said, "Yoo-hoo! Remember me?" Indeed I do...but one day, that book and I shall have our reckoning. Oh yes.)

:: Today, folks, I had a revelation of grand proportions. I have seen the light and discovered my life purpose... I am a kick-ass matchmaker. (I am such a sucker for stories like this.)

:: Therefore, given my need of yet another dirty, dangerous, mechanical pastime and the generally overwhelming novelty of a device that will make music completely unaided by electricity (a rare novelty indeed in this perniciously harrowing and disconcertingly electronic day and age) I've decided to use the pieces I have as the starting point and eventually cobble together a fully functional turn-of-the-last-century Grafonola; not a museum piece, but a working, running, disc-spinning, Hawaiian music-and-big band-wailing talking machine. (Wow. This sounds like an undertaking.)

All for this week. Return next week for all new stuff!

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