Monday, May 05, 2008

Sentential Links #139

Linking the linkable since 2005:

:: I do so love the new feature in Blogger. (Me too!)

:: You're a Democrat because you want to see certain things get done and unfortunately you need politicians to get them done and politicians are just people, often significantly flawed people. Saints become nurses and doctors and teachers and missionaries. They don't go into politics. This is what I've learned on the blogosphere. The difference between Democrats and a lot of self-styled Progressives is Democrats want certain things to get done; Progressives want a lot of the same things to get done but they want a certain type of person to be the one to get them done. (That's a nice distinction. I almost always vote Democrat because I'd rather have a scoundrel working to get the things done that I want to get done than a choir boy working to get done stuff that I don't.)

:: Before you are a partner, a parent, a teacher, an [insert occupation here], you are simply you.

:: But it remains VERY clear about what is truly important: love some and laugh some and work some and rest some. Learn some and teach some and live some and die some.

:: Next time: We kidnap the President. (OK, I'm hooked. This blog found via Blue Girl.)

:: "We have about 20 browsers open right now. I think we need to close a couple before we move on."

:: Say what you want about Michael Moore, and “Bowling for Columbine” might have been mean to poor old Charlie Heston, but he hit on a very important truth in that movie, and hardly anyone talked about it: Americans are constantly spoon-fed a diet of Fear, and it shows in the decisions they make, including how they raise their kids.

:: Even as young as I am I claim the right to be a curmudgeon and to talk about how we did things back in the day and to say we were right, because we were. I know; I was there. I claim the right to be a know-it-all and to give unsolicited advice because I do know more than most folks. One of the benefits of being 50, you see. (Oh, I claim that right too, and I'm only 36. It amuses me to watch Sleepless in Seattle and see that all the phones have cords and that the kid has a record player. It amuses me to watch a Season One episode of Once and Again, which aired in 2000, and during a scene in which the kids are using the Internet, hear one of them say, "Well, sometimes I use Google, but mostly I like HotBot." Heh!)

And on the note of that last link, a happy belated birthday to Lynn, whose blog never fails to fascinate, elucidate, or paginate. Or something like that. (By the way, her blog's masthead image is a landscape of Oklahoma. It shows just how little I know of that whole part of this country that I had no idea the region was that mountainous.)

More next week!

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