Thursday, April 05, 2007

That's quite the headscratcher....

As of this writing, we're watching the news on Channel 7 while we wait for the load of laundry to dry. They're reporting on a guy who brought a handgun with him into the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, which he then used right on the gaming floor to commit suicide. And the angle Channel 7 keeps using the angle on their coverage of "How could this man possibly bring a gun into the Casino!!!"

The Casino spokesperson indicates that they have security personnel stationed about the place [Duh! Show me a casino that has no security personnel on the gaming floor, anywhere!], they have surveillance cameras, and -- this cracked me up -- they have a sign prominently posted at all entrances indicating that firearms are not permitted!

Well, I'm baffled too, then, because once you put up a sign forbidding Behavior X, Behavior X is never a problem again. That's why nobody exceeds the speed limits on the highways! It all fits! I'll bet that the key to Peace in the Middle East would simply be to plaster the entire region with signage reading, "Blowing shit up is expressly forbidden by law."

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Emily Suess said...

This is precisely why I refuse to watch local news. It's even worse here.