Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let there be gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.

On American Idol, Sanjaya Malakar just rendered mortal a song that had originally been renderred immortal by Fred Astaire. Not only did he make Astaire roll over in his grave, but he made Ginger Rogers wail in horror in hers.

Gods, this guy is B-A-D bad. If Sanjaya was a vampire, he'd be Count Suckula.


Dragonet2 said...

The total exposure I've had American Idol was the intermanable time I spent in a hospital waiting room waiting for my best friend in the world to be seen (she ended up being admitted because her potassium level was too low and she had a kidney infection).

They all sucked from my point of view. And I've performed music in front of audiences. My thought was, they did all those auditions to find BAD singers?

I do not watch American Idol intentionally.

Roger Owen Green said...

Sanjaya's notoriety made it onto NBC Nightly News last night, along with the three theories on why he remains: 1) the Indian call centers are doing it; 2) Howard Stern and his fans, trying to discredit AI, are doing it; 3) those teenage girls who think he's so CUTE are doing it. Pick one or more.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Odd bit of kismet - the post above, with the Shawshank call-out, made me think of The Green mile, the other "Frank Darabont does a Stephen King depression-era prison story" movie, which I just rewatched yesterday. And then I read this post, which cites the same Fred Astaire song that spurs the flashback that serves as the film's primary narrative. Freaky.