Monday, April 02, 2007


This will be a navel-gazing meta-blog "Inside Blogistan" kind of boring post, so scroll on if such topics bore you. Really.

That said, what the hell is Atrios's problem? This is just absolute crap. Here's the entirety of his post:

Things Which Make Me Want To Shoot People In The Face [That's the post title; Atrios has been making in-jokes about shooting people in the face ever since Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face. -Me.]

People who bitch about other peoples' blogrolls who don't even have a blogroll on their main page, but just a link to one.

Gee -- I do the same thing. I have a link to my main blogroll. Who the hell said that a blogroll has to be on the main page of a blog to be taken seriously? Note that I do the same thing: a while back I decided that my blogroll was taking up too much space in my sidebar, and further, that editing the actual blog template every time I wanted to edit the blogroll (which almost always either means adding a new blog, or deleting one that has fallen silent) was a pain-in-the-ass of editing the entire blog template. So I decided to move the blogroll to its own post in the archives. There it's nicely out-of-the-way, and editing it is a snap, as I simply edit it as I do any post. And the link is right there, reasonably close to the top of my sidebar, and I even made the link in bigger letters.

A surprising amount of testiness, it seems, coming from a person who can't even be bothered to alphabetize his blogroll, in order to make it an actually-useful resource.


Call me Paul said...

I can count on one hand the number of times I have used one blog's blogroll to navigate to another blog. Do people really do that? I think the importance of being on some perceived A-list blogger's blogroll is way overplayed.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Well, on another blog, Randy Paul has indicated that being delinked has cost him more than 200 hits per day. Now, that's less of a big deal if he was previously getting something like 100,000 hits a day, but it does have a traffic effect, especially as it influences PageRank.

Roger Owen Green said...

Since my blogroll became a mess, courtsey of New Blogger, I suspect the only person who really uses it is me. I'll fix it. Eventually.