Monday, April 23, 2007

Sentential Links #96

Ninety-six, as in, the last full calendar year in which I was a bachelor: 1996. O how time flies!

Anyhow, the linkage for this week ensues....

:: I saw empathy on my little girl’s face as she handed a hungry person soup and crackers leftover from her lunch downtown today. And a few minutes later, while holding my hand and walking through the canyons of the financial district, she told me she loved me. (Completely random blog find.)

:: Knowing full well the nature of the Internet, I have always kept this blog below the radar. The door is open, the fire is lit, and there are comfy chairs aplenty. There is, however, no listing in the phone book, no neon sign to point the way here. (Maybe not, but here's a guy saying, "Go there." Heh!)

:: Since the junior Pattersons don’t own any skilled rescue beasts, perhaps Deanna is hoping that a couple quick drownings, Mike’s subsequent suicide, and a sale at market rates of a house they bought at a steep family discount add up to her ticket to sweet, sweet freedom. (Yeah, For Better or For Worse snark is slowly becoming a regular feature here. Hey, I need something to vent on, and FBoFW is as good a target as anyway. And even as much as I think Calvin and Hobbes is a masterwork of late-20th century art of any kind, I've decided that "Everyone calls me Clambake" is the greatest thing that anybody has ever said in a comic strip, ever. Yes, I used 'ever' twice in one sentence. That's how strongly I feel about this!)

:: He also talked about his preferred equipment -- a typewriter. For you kids out there who don't understand this word, it's that thing Stephen Cannell pounded away on before victoriously yanking out the last page of the best episode of "The A-Team" and flinging it away.

:: So with that said, finding my name on this post “Congratulations, Nominees” was somewhat shocking (and a wee bit exhilarating) AND proof that every vote counts, because I’m certain that my lone wee self-nomination as a moment of weakness is not deserving of a slot in this category. Personal Blog? Maybe... (You know what, folks? The "personal blog" doesn't get nearly enough love, and I'll shout as much from the rooftops. If you're a generally single-issue blogger, you'll generally get more notice than if you're just all over the damn place, and I have to admit to finding this frustrating. And I'd like ArtVoice to explain why BuffaloRising wasn't a blog last year, but is a blog this year? Huh? But anyway: congrats to Jen, who deserves it just on the basis that a few months ago I was in Rochester, and someone recognized me because they had seen my blog through hers. I don't know how she does that. I half expect that if I were running The Amazing Race, and if my team was somewhere in India, I'd meet someone bathing in the Ganges who would say, "Hey! I've read you! All Things Jennifer!")

:: I somehow managed to drive home while in a fetal position. (He's a TV writer, folks. One of my favorite blogs now.)

:: It has always seemed to me to be an artistic refuge for composers who don't have any ideas, who decide to make an artistic virtue out of their faults, and to wear proudly the shroud of their creative bankrupcy. (Scroll down to the post dated "20070422.1430". He's talking about Minimalism here, with specific regard to an anime whose score he dislikes. I'm not a huge fan of minimalism either, but then, I don't know a great deal about it.)

:: As the Sabres enjoy some rest and start preparing for the next round they should look back at this series and realize that their regular season record means nothing in the playoffs. (Amen to that! And check out the photos he has from Game Five of the Islanders series.)

:: But this fracking takes the gorram cake. Wikipedia has deleted its list of fictional expletives!! All of their reasons are total kark -- various smeg about it being "indiscriminate", "unverifiable"... a lot of which seem to boil down to it not having the Dignity of An Encyclopedia Topic. (Wow, that's pretty toktru stupid.)

Well, that's about it for now, I suppose. Rock on, folks.


redsneakz said...

You always give me something new to read in Blogsylvania.


All Things Jennifer said...

From one personal blogger to the next. Thanks for the really, really kind shout out this week!

Anonymous said...

They deleted the fictional expletives!? NOOOOOO!!!

MyMaracas said...

Hey, what a nice suprise! Thanks so much for the link.

I love your blog and lurk here often. I'm honored that you stopped by.


Unknown said...

Fictional expletives are so much fracking better than the real ones.