Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hey! I know them!

The folks on the front page of the Buffalo News looked familiar to me, and sure enough, they were: Kevin and Val were there, as part of an article on how Blogistan has abetted the efforts of Sabres fans in building a virtual community therein. Very cool, and congrats to them; I always assumed that if Kevin and Val made the front page of the News, it would be as they were carried away in handcuffs by police officers after they protested something George Bush did.

UPDATE: OK, I just perused the article online, and only then did I realize that while the article specifically mentions Kevin and Val prominently, the name of their blog is never mentioned, nor is a URL given. And down the page, they again omit a URL -- for the Sabre Rattling blog -- even though they at least mention that blog's name.

Come on, Buffalo News. If you're going to mention a blog, you have to mention the blog names, and you have to give the URLs. Someone is going to read that story and wonder just how they can find all these nifty Sabres blogs, and they're not going to know how. This is basic stuff. Could we please get it right, someday?!

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All Things Jennifer said...

I have been trying to link to the picture of show hous ein the News today since this morning and the page hasn't been updated since well, yesterday. Sigh.