Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sentential Links #95 (the Martin Luther edition)

One Sentential Links post for each thesis that Martin Luther nailed to the door of...wherever it was that he nailed them to the door. Crap, I used to know this. There was college tuition money well-spent....

[off to Google!]

Ah, he nailed them to a church door at Wittenberg, Germany. Not to be confused with Wartburg Castle, where he translated the New Testament into German from the original Klingon (and thus provided a handy name to some people in Iowa centuries later who needed to name a college).


:: Will the demands for authenticity expand to a ban on flush toilets? Shall the sewers be open? How about no electricity or phone? Candles and torches only. (Local issue here, but I'm generally a lot more sympathetic to preservationists' arguments when there is something to preserve.)

:: Some things are so titanically great that we can even loose sight of how amazing they truly are: living for too long in their shadow, we come to underestimate their size. (What a friggin' truth this is. I think of this every time I listen to Beethoven's Seventh: everybody knows that it might be the greatest of all symphonies, and yet to listen to it anew as I do every year or two is to amaze myself again at how stunning it still is. But he's talking about something else; go find out.)

:: And whenever we've called in repairmen they always begin by saying the exact same thing:

"Well, that's weird."
(Interestingly, in my job I'm now getting experienced to the point that I'm starting to recognize instances in which it's appropriate to say, "Well, that's weird".)

:: This is a full shot of the character concept from a few posts ago. (Wow, nifty art here. For obvious reasons, I really dig the ones for the Space Opera project he's working on.)

:: $2,600 each. Chump change for the rock jawed captains of industry running American Airlines, I'm sure, but probably not to the flight attendants.

:: Do you know how we can tell the difference between people who were wearing their seatbelts and those who weren’t, at the scene of an automobile accident? The ones who were wearing their seatbelts are standing around saying "This really sucks," and the ones who weren’t are kinda just lying there.

:: There’s something both bizarre and funny about giving the house tour, walking into my master bathroom with one of these celebrities and pointing out the virtues of the new hot water heater or the large storage closet. But yes, it’s true, the famous and wealthy have plumbing needs, just like the rest of us.

Tune in next week, as always.

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