Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time for a "Sorkin Pool"!

Like Erin, I am looking forward to the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-scripted TV show which is to be a backstage show about the production of a fictional SNL-type show. Sorkin does like to set his dramas in locations that are well-suited to rapid-fire dialogue, and this one might be the most "rapid" of them all.

I'm glad to see that Matthew Perry will be in the cast. When he did his first guest-shot in The West Wing, I remember thinking, "Oh, how lucky for Perry, that Friends is ending but now he'll get to do a Sorkin show!" Of course, Sorkin left TWW very shortly thereafter, and Perry only had one more appearance on the show. So now he does get to be on a Sorkin show.

When the new program premieres, I think we should have a "drinking game" along the lines of drinking whenever a character:

1. Refers to getting "screwed with his/her pants on"
2. Says some variant of "I have to go do a thing".
3. Says some variant of "I didn't do that! I did not do that! Only, yes, I did that!"
4. Answers a yes/no question with "Yeah".
5. Makes a sly reference to a former Sorkin project (such as how episodes of TWW mentioned the "Global Defense Council" and French President D'Astier, both of whom were prominently featured in The American President).

Any other suggestions for a Sorkin drinking game? Alternatively, one could go to any AICN TalkBack for any Sorkin-related AICN story and take a drink every time some TalkBacker whines that Sorkin is a crappy writer while Joss Whedon is God.

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