Monday, February 27, 2006

Sentential Links #39

Bits of bloggy goodness, shorn of their intended surroundings! Click for context:

:: Thank you for giving the me an opportunity to rant and lecture about one of my favorite modern gadgets which also, unfortunately, provides other people almost unlimited opportunity to annoy me. (Which gadget? Go check. Lynn's right on -- and her blogging was on fire this week!)

:: Why are the subjective self-image, and the self’s deepest desires, so out of touch with the hard facts of biological reality? This is a profound problem for evolutionary biology. This is the first of my articles that deals with this problem. (I didn't read this whole post -- this is more of a "bookmark" of sorts. Looks interesting.)

:: To quote our daughter Iguana at tonight's dinner table: "Not only would we have an angry Mommy, but we'd have an angry Mommy with a gun!" (Now that can't be good.)

:: AT-AT stands for All-Terrain Armored Transport? Did not know that. (Don't we teach kids anything these days?!)

:: If there's one thing that can distract from the travesty of journalism Meet the Press was today, it's being forced to think about Tim's abs. I wish I knew how to quit that image. (I heart Arianna Huffington. I didn't always, but dammit, I do now.)

:: The great patriot and American hero Ben Shapiro can prepare Buckley’s noose while that brave American warrior Michael Reagan places the hood over his head and those lovers of American values Michelle Malkin and John Hinderaker lead the throngs as they yell "traitor" and "coward" at Buckley while his neck snaps.

:: So how are Raimi and screenwriter Alvin Sargeant going to do? There are just too many new characters involved to jam them into the movie and have a decent story and a running time of under 4 hours, so I'll speculate that they will turn some of the characters' roles (probably Venom, save him for Spidey 4) into extended cameos so they can make another character-based, tight story. Here's hoping. (I have absolutely no idea what to make of this, but I'm starting to worry that Spiderman 3 may be a mess. I wasn't completely sold on the first film, but the second almost hit all the notes perfectly. I hope the third doesn't step backward.)

:: As far as I'm concerned, there are few things as sad-looking as a book that has been under water. (This post was gut-wrenching.)

:: I should be running a TV network. I would crush the opposition. Also, see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of their women. (These last two sentences will enter my daily lexicon, I can tell it already.)

More next week, as ever.

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