Monday, February 13, 2006

Sentential Links #37

This week's items shorn of their context, for which you must click:

:: Top Ten new slogans to replace Verizon's "Making Progress Everyday": (OK, that's not even a sentence. Oh well. Still a funny post.)

:: The one good thing about getting the cops called on you -- and it's happened to me dozens of times, including the very last time I was out observing -- is that you can show them exactly what you're doing, and they'll not only understand but enjoy the experience.

:: I was thrilled to watch Shaun White win his first gold medal in the half-pipe at the age of 19 last night. (I watched this too, and I dig this guy for the same reason Mr. Jones does. I also got a kick out of that speed skater from Texas, "The Exception", who'd never even speed-skated until just three years ago.)

:: If it doesn’t involve a clock, a ball or puck, or a firearm I find it hard to take it seriously. Don’t the people who follow figure skating already know who is going to win assuming nobody falls? All right then, let’s leave this one to the soccer moms and the wussy husbands who don’t have the balls to turn the channel and move on. (Crikey -- I'm a wuss! Ben, why didn't you tell me! Obi Wan, there's no place like home!)

:: If you really, really want to use some catchy acronym let me give you one to make your own. For you, I’m thinking “ISH” (“I’m Super Hot”), “IRWRN” (“I’m Really Wet Right Now”), or “ILAMNITM” (“I’m Looking At Myself Naked In The Mirror”). It would be even better if your entire post was actually just those three things strung together, as in; ILAMNITM and IRWRN because ISH. If you included pictures of you and your sister it would be even hotter. (Yeah, two "Sentential Links" to the same blog. But this blog has two bloggers, and the links are to posts written by each, and this post had me ROTFLMAO*.)

:: Not every science fiction show needs to be as precisely plotted as was Babylon 5, with not just the basic show mythology and long term plot planned in advance but also the major plot arcs of every character. And, even an elaborately plotted show is going to have some "filler episodes" which do little or nothing to advance the plot. However the opposite approach means that you end up with a show like the X-files which they really did just make everything up as they went along. (I gotta disagree here. The X-Files felt, to me, like its mytharc was heading in a single direction for most of the show's run; it didn't lose steam, for me, until the fate of Fox Mulder's sister was finally revealed in Season Seven, two years before the show ended. That was a mistake, since Mulder's search for his sister had been the underlying personal reason for his quest; after that, things really seemed to deflate. [It should be noted that the individual episode in which Mulder found his sister was one of the most moving of the entire series.] TXF did go on longer than it should have, and like all such things, it started taking on the tone of being made up as it was going along. But it wasn't that way for the majority of its run.)

:: I live in the part of New York city that's very warm - right over Grand Central station among all the downtown buildings. It sort of feels like the city's internal organs... so warm in their metabolism that they are melting off a lot of the snow. (What a great metaphor!)

:: Say what you will about the Space Shuttle, it was never brought down by a software failure.

:: It's such a crushing blow when the body doesn't DO what it's supposedly DESIGNED to do. It's like a cosmic joke on me.

:: Huh???? All this common sense tough love and then this kind of crap???? I didn't even BOTHER reading anymore. The end. (Jennifer's putting herself through the hell of reading self-help romance books, "so you don't have to". Talk about doing yeoman duty -- wow!)

OK, that's all for this week. Enjoy them all!

* I promise to never use this acronym again on this blog.

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