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Thursday, December 02, 2010

A shout-out to the fine young man who helped shovel out my car

Hey all!

Now I'm blogging from a public terminal at the Orchard Park Public Library. I hope the home DSL comes back on soon. Yeesh!

I was able to leave work today with relatively little fuss, which was nice owing to the large number of horror stories I had heard from denizens of the South Buffalo area regarding travel. The big difficulty was digging out my car, which had been buried in about a foot of snow since parking it seven hours prior. But a coworker of mine came along to help me do the digging, at one saying, "So, are you going to mention me on your blog?"

Well, here he is. Thanks, dude! And in the brief time span I was out there, he helped shovel out four different cars for coworkers. I'm sure there were more, even, than that. Huzzah for helpful coworkers!


Roger Owen Green said...

The library RULES!

Kal said...

A snowstorm is what brings out the true character for some people. When I was a kid it was easy money that turned into easy summer money once we had a half decent client base. 3 hours of work a day and golfing all afternoon. Ah, the glory days of my youth.