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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

Abbott and Costello, or Laurel and Hardy?


Glenn Whidden said...

Laurel and Hardy. The greatest duo in movies. They could tickle the funny bone while touching the heart and occasionally boggling the mind. And no one ever dropped a piano quite as well. Stan and Babe forever!

SK Waller said...

Laurel & Hardy for, without them there wouldn't have been an Abbott & Costello.

Kal said...

I prefer the beating on Costello by all the monsters they would meet and Abbott would never let anything happen to himself. At least Laurel and Hardy shared in the adventures and the falling down they would do. They were a real team. But I did enjoy the Abbott and Costello movies more.

M. D. Jackson said...

Laurel and Hardy, although I do always bust a gut while watching "Who's on First.

Call me wishy washy.

Tonio Kruger said...

The most obvious answer to that question is: yes. ;-)

Seriously, I normally lean toward Laurel and Hardy since they were one of my late father's favorite comedians. But Abbott and Costello are the first comic team whose movies I ever felt compelled to watch over and over again.

So...Abbott and Costello.

Roger Owen Green said...

Laurel and Hardy, easily, tho I love Who's On First. I used to see A&C on TV, and they seemed meaner than L&H.