Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saturday Centus (Tuesday edition)

Hey, it still counts. Jenny gives us a week to do each prompt.

Oh God, he thought. Oh God Oh God Oh God. Soon it’ll all be over. Just get through it. Just a couple more hours, then we’re done.

The pain was excruciating, but he knew that soon it would be over and he would have survived this horrible, horrible ordeal.

“You’re sure it’ll be over soon?”

“Yes, sweetie!”

He nodded. It was almost over. He was almost free of this agony, this torture.

Soon...there would be no more Twilight movies.

Apologies to fans...but really, Twilight is crap on toast!


Roger Owen Green said...

Other people watch them so I don't have to...

Kerry said...

I'm going to email you the most awesome, horribly terrible film still promo of all time. For ever and ever, goodbye.

It's that bad.

I am going to see the final Twilight film, dammit, because I need closure. It's going to be gross, but I can do it.

Jenny said...

Haven't seen it.

Haven't read it.

Haven't talked about it.

I am soooo blessed apparently!