Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something for Thursday

OK, I didn't forget this week. I've just had an abnormally busy couple of days, and I didn't even have time to pre-select this week's selection and schedule it for publication.

Anyway, here's a little proof that classical music doesn't have to be serious or stuffy; it can be downright silly at times. It's Aaron Copland's song "I Bought Me a Cat".

This particular baritone is Thomas Quasthoff, whom I've heard on several recordings. I never knew, until I saw this video and did a little research, that he was a Thalidomide baby. Wow.


Roger Owen Green said...

Have this song on a compilation called Carnival, with James Taylor. whole different experience.

fillyjonk said...

Huh. I remember hearing this in childhood (we may have done it in music class one year) but I had no idea it was Copland. Live and learn.