Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save the Night!

Roger solicits opinions on Daylight Savings Time, so here's mine: I hate it. I think it's stupid and a giant annoyance.

Look, I like sunlight as much as anybody, and being outside is nice and all and I like it too. But I'm not one of those "OMG, it's summer and I'm not outside! I'm doing something wrong!" people who could cheerfully go outside as soon as I'm changed out of my work clothes and not come back in until after 11:00 except to get a drink or use the bathroom. And I like it to get dark, when my body feels that it should be dark.

I simply don't like it when it's light enough outside to read at 9:30 pm.

I think it goes back to when I was a five years old in Kindergarten with an 8:00 bed time; there was something about being put in bed and told to go to sleep when the friggin' sun wasn't even down yet that bugged me on a deep, deep level. And to this day, I really don't like those long days of early summer when the refreshing cooling darkness never seems to come until it's too late to enjoy it.

I like sunlight, but I like moonlight and stars too and I hate shortchanging one in favor of the other.

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PALGOLAK said...

I must protest.

An extended Daylight Saving Time is one of the things keeping me from going insane.

Sure, you can judge as you like down in balmy NY state, with your November Thanksgiving and vermin predicting spring, but ANYTHING that breaks this winter nightmare is ok by me.

Peace out!