Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound!

:: CBS needs to work on its public service announcements, I think. Wow, what a tone-deaf ad.

:: Other networks suck, too. I, like SamuraiFrog, noticed that something was amiss with this year's ABC airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Little did I realize how much was amiss. Time to get a DVD and stop relying on ABC each year.

:: I recently had a few people on Facebook take me to task when I suggested that, despite its status as the Coolest Weapon Ever Conceived Whether It's Fictional Or Not, the lightsaber may not actually be the best item with which to carve a turkey. (I think it would vaporize a cross-section of the meat equal to the thickness of the blade, as well as leaving behind a charred surface, instead of succulent and juicy turkey.) And obviously, real lightsaber chopsticks would be silly. But I still want the fake ones.

:: Ever wonder what to get that one friend of yours? You know, the one who's a Jewish Star Trek fan? Wonder no more.

:: I sometimes thumb through Popular Mechanics at the library, and on that basis, I found this selection of some of the goofiest notions to ever grace their cover highly fascinating and amusing. I'm not sure if my favorite is the "skiers pulled by helicopter" one, or the "Nerd from Happy Days on his ocean-going bicycle" one.

:: Apropos of a continual subject of interest on this blog, it turns out that overalls are not good attire for surfing. I'd have never thought to even try it, but I'm glad someone did! If my occasional experiences with standing outside in overalls on a very windy day are any guide, I suppose that turbulent currents in and out of surfing waves and whatnot can yank one around a lot, especially when the bib fills with water. (Seriously -- if it's windy enough, you can angle yourself outside so that the bib of your overalls fills with air and yanks on you like a sail. It's an odd feeling. I learned this years ago when I stopped to buy gas in Buffalo on a winter day...I stepped out of the car, without my coat, and almost got turned around in the wind. I am not making this up.)

All for this week. I loaded up a bit because I expect to be fairly busy and thus not doing much noodling about Teh Interwebs the next week. We'll see.


Roger Owen Green said...

So, in an hour slot this Tuesday, does ABC rectify its C. Brown sins?

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

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