Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not even the Bills do that....

So I just hopped over to the FOX Sports website to look at the current football scores, and something struck me as a bit...improbable. Here's a screengrab:

Somehow the Saints have posted a negative score at halftime! There's got to be a fascinating football story behind this. So I clicked through to their coverage of the game itself, and....


Obviously a techno-cockup. But personally, I think it would be funny if there actually was a way in football to have negative scoring!

(And now they've fixed it. The game is actually 17-17 in the third quarter as I write this.)


THEEE Earl of Obvious said...


Is that something geeks do in the confines of a "secure area"?

I am not sure about negative scoring but I would like to see negative stats applied to players who use their helmets as weapons.

Running backs who lead with their head and not their shoulder should have the yardage gained on that play DEDUCTED from their total yardage.

Linebackers who go for the knees or lead with the helmet should have negative tackles and negative sacks.

If what they want is personal glory make them earn it and play the game the way it was supposed to be played.

Roger Owen Green said...

Love the Wall Street Journal headline: Saints Get a Washington Bailout