Sunday, December 20, 2009

Losing! Whiskey! Sexy!

The Buffalo Bills have, a short while ago, lost 17-10 to the New England Patriots. That's their second loss to the Patriots this year and something like their 18th since 2000. Wow. Although they did break their usual pattern of playing the Pats tough the first time and then get blown out the second; they played tough in both games. Same result, though. Whee!!!

The loss today is notable in that it's also the ninth of the season, which means that the Bills are officially playing a losing season. That will be their fifth consecutive losing season. It's also the seventh losing season since their last playoff year (1999). It's also the ninth non-winning season in the same period (since they have two 8-8 finishes, and .500 ball is neither winning nor losing).

Bad franchise, bad team, just plain bad.

(Also, I read yesterday that the way George Bush structured his big "tax cuts for rich people" bill back in 2001, there will be no estate tax in 2010. So if Ralph Wilson dies next year, does that mean he can leave the team to his kids and they would not have to sell the team in order to pay the inheritance tax? Hmmmm....)

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