Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aftermath of a Gift Explosion

Christmas has come and gone for another year. I like that it fell on a Friday this year; the week had a really nice rhythm to it, with my work week ending on Christmas Eve, so I basically left work, segued right into Christmas, and now have two days of "regular weekend" ahead. That's pretty cool.

In a bit we're off to check out a few after-Christmas sales, which ought to be slightly entertaining. We're also planning to buy a new cabinet/desk for our main computer (for which I also need to find time this weekend to install a new power supply and two sticks of memory), and then go out for dinner later on. Tomorrow? Who knows. We'll see what we feel like doing.

What did we get for Christmas? I gave the Wife a new ceramic travel mug, a stack of books, and a pearl necklace. The Kid got several books, three new Webkinz (we have an appalling collection of them now), three movies (Harry Potter IV and V, Ever After), and a few small toys. I received a couple of gift cards, an aluminum travel mug from Panera Bread, and a Dinosaur Barbecue cookbook.

And Santa brought the family a Wii. Yeah, that ought to help spike the blogging frequency 'round these parts!

(Content will probably be light until the New Year arrives, but for now, I'll still be updating a bit. I hope everyone enjoyed the Daily Dose of Christmas.)

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Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I hope you do not let wii own you. Your writing is much too good to let go stale.

At least other addictions like alcohol MAY add to your creativity. Wii will only take away from your gift.

Oh, and if you take pride in not cleaning off your car so that people behind you have to drive in blizzard like conditions, I will take pride in NOT turning right on red