Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Scrubbing back in....

Scrubs returns to the air tonight, but it will look significantly different than it did in its previous eight seasons: only three of the old cast regulars will be regulars on the new season (Turk, Dr. Cox, and the new intern last year dubbed 'Jo' by JD). Joining them will be a new cast, but other old regulars will apparently turn up in guest shots throughout the season. In addition, the show's setting is changed, from Sacred Heart Hospital to a medical school where Turk and Cox are, I presume, teaching.

Has there ever been a show that returned but with a shell of its original cast and in a completely new setting? I don't remember one...and the closest analog I can come up with is the M*A*S*H follow-up spinoff, AfterM*A*S*H. I'll give the revamped Scrubs a shot, but...I don't know. We'll see how this goes....


Mary said...

I've watched a lot of Scrubs, but all out of order in reruns. When I saw tonight's episode, I thought "this must be from one of the newer seasons..." But I had no idea it was the first episode like this.

What happened to Carla?

M*A*S*H itself had only three or four of its original regulars by the end. But the changes were slow... I was assuming the same thing had happened to Scrubs.

BTW, there's something funny about your list of the "three regulars" remaining... J.D. isn't on it.

Charlie said...

Mary - JD's just a guest star. 6 episodes, I think, then they'll phase him out.

It was... interesting. I think it might have been better without so much of the old show. Let the new characters run a little more. On the other hand, except for the new lead (whose name I've already forgotten), the new characters are sort of meh. It'll be interesting to watch this develop.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

Put a fork in it. I watched last nights episode. Dr. Cox lambasted the new lead for trying to get an addict into rehab. The writers went over the top when Perry said "his job is to die, your job is to listen to me".

The writers are also sending JD and Turk over the top. I mean its like they brought in the guys who wrote for perfect strangers or something. Metrosexual goofy is one thing but you half expect these two to start making out.

This just goes to support my theory that aids has killed off all of the creative people in holly wood. First they rehash old TV shows into movies and now they reahash old TV shows into new crappy TV shows.