Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oooooh! A quiz!

Belladonna has a quiz, one of those ones that started in e-mail but can be ported to blogging easily. It has two parts. First a "Things you've done" list, then some questions. Here it is, with the things I've done in bold:

Gone on a blind date. (Never. I am staggeringly awful at situations where I am forced to meet new people. To me, the worst form of torture is those horrible business "meetings" where people from various locations are gathered in one place and then shuffled around so you're spending the day with people you've never met. I hate that stuff and I tend to clam up, so I have to think I'd be one of the world's worst blind dates. But hey, at least I'd be unlikely to make a pass at the woman...but then, it's not like this is ever going to happen anyway, so why am I going on about it? Moving on.)

Skipped school. (Never an actual entire day of school, but I did skip classes more than once.

Watched someone die (If a cat counts as "someone", which I think it does.)

Been to Canada (Fun place; we need to go back. It's been two years since our last foray, although I still carry psychological scars from the ordeal of trying to get back into the US.)

Been to Mexico (I have no memory of it, but my mother says I've been there.)

Been to Florida (Last time was Disney World in 1998. Loved it.)

Been to Africa

Been on a plane (I don't much like flying, but I'll do it if I have to. I'd rather take a train, if we had better trains in this country.)

Been lost (I've also been in Nebraska. Same thing. [rimshot])

Gone to Washington, DC (Wow, I've never been there! What's wrong with that picture?)

Swam in the ocean (The Pacific and the Atlantic.)

Broken a bone

Been in a traffic accident.

Cried yourself to sleep

Been on TV

Stold traffic signs (Yeah, that's how they spelled it, folks. "Stold". I'll be charitable and assume that they hit the 'd' when they were aiming for the 'e'. It happens. You should see the typos I generate in rough drafts.)

Played cops and robbers (Maybe not "Cops and Robbers" specifically, but as kids we did have our own versions of "Good guys, Bad guys" games.)

Recently colored with crayons

Sang Karaoke

Paid for a meal with coins only (It was a fast food joint, so it was something like sixteen quarters, which they actually didn't mind all that much. Receiving large bills is actually a much bigger pain in the ass than receiving all coins, since large bills -- especially very early in the day -- make it harder to make change for people afterwards. I once had a teenage jerkoff come into Pizza Hut with his equally stupid girlfriend, and this guy was trying to act all impressive by flicking his $100 bill onto the counter at me when he came up to pay. Problem was, he was the first paying customer of the day, so I didn't have enough tens or twenties to make good change for him, so I very nicely opened the safe and counted out his change to him. I sent that jerkweed on his way with a pocket full of $88 in singles. He tried making a stink about it, but I just looked at him and said, "Sorry, this is a restaurant, not a bank. That's all I've got to make your change with." He didn't have a choice, so he took his money and left, grumbling all the while.)

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't (That could be the title of my autobiography, actually: Things I Did Even Though I Told Myself I Wouldn't.)

Made prank phone calls (Not very often, just two or three times in college after a bit of drinking. No dirty talk, just calling people at 3:00 am and saying, "Are you sleeping?" And then they said "Not anymore", saying, "OK, goodnight!")

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere. (Yeah, I was "that kid" in grade school. The one the other kids would try to make laugh at lunch time for this very reason.)

Caught a snowflake on your tongue (Lucy's full of crap, by the way. November snowflakes taste wonderful, and December snowflakes are heavenly.)

Danced in the rain (I don't dance. I should.)

Written a letter to Santa Claus

Been kissed under the mistletoe (Another I should do.)

Watched the sunrise with someone (With employees at work, actually. I like sunrises.)

Blown bubbles (Bubbles are fun.)

Gone ice-skating (I naturally figured it would be almost exactly like rollerblading. It's not.)

Been skinny dipping outdoors (I've never had the opportunity, and I'm not sure I'd do it if I did. Paranoia, you know.)

Gone to the movies (Strange quiz, isn't this? Hasn't everybody done this?)

Have a nickname (I need to get one. "Jaquandor" isn't a nickname, I don't think.)

Body piercings (Nope.)

Other Questions:

1. Favorite drink?

Alcoholic? I love the Spiced Rum ("spum", 'round these parts), the Vanilla Rum, and the Coconut Rum. I also like the Southern Comfort; all of these, mixed with cola. I also love red wine of all types. And beer. And draft cider.

Non-alcoholic? There's good old water. I've cut back on the coffee and switched to green tea several days a week; I love tea with honey, except for good mint teas which don't need any sweetener. Chocolate milk is a great post-workout beverage. And so on.

2. How much do you love your job?

Great! I just got a new toolbag for my tools, replacing the toolbox I was using. Sweet! (Although work's about to get crazy busy since we're in the crazy busy time of year anyway, and we're a few weeks out from our annual visit from the people whose name is actually on the front of the building.)

3. Birthplace?

Pittsburgh, PA.

4. Favorite vacation spot?

I just like going away and wish I could do it more...but vacations of the "stick around home and just not go to work for several days" are nice too.

5. Ever eaten just cookies for dinner?

No. PB&J, yes. Cookies, no.

6. Favorite pie?

Apple with ice cream. Pumpkin. Cherry. And I also love coconut cream and French silk pies, which are nice for their variety of uses! (But definitely not pecan! That's only good for eating, only. Attempting otherwise can only result in blunt force trauma.)

7. Favorite holiday? Different reasons, but I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day.

8. Favorite food? Just one? Come on! If really pressed, my default, safe answer is pizza. But even that is a floating variable.

9 Favorite smell? Cooking meat. Burning leaves. Incense. Freshly cut wood. Napalm in the morning. (OK, not that last one.)

10. How do you relax? By reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, going for walks, working out, plotting how I will destroy my foes.

11. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Probably like I am now, only maybe a bit more financially successful. I'll be grayer, that's for sure, but I'm fine with that.

No tags. Just a quiz.


Bill said...

It troubles me that I knew so many of your answers. Even so I'm glad you are active and posting again. Cheers!

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, joy! Quizzes to steal!
the word verification, I kid you not, is randy. How often does a real word pop up?

Belladonna said...

SWEET! You are one of the main reasons I posted this...I was counting on you picking it up. SOOO glad to have you back in the blogosphere my friend. Interesting that you project yourself into the future as being more financially successful. These days I hear more and more people bemoaning the negative trend our economy is headed in. I've taken to calling my retirement fund my 101K (it has shrunk so much it really doesn't deserve the moniker of 401K anymore).