Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Choose your next witticism carefully....

While I was on blogcation, a number of times I found things online or off that tempted me greatly to return to active posting before my arbitrarily-chosen return point of Election Night. Many of these things were political in nature, so I'm glad I didn't post about them, but more than a few weren't, and one blog in particular that I happened upon shortly after I went on hiatus (and before I'd decided that I'd likely return on Election Night) was one that just killed me to not be able to link. Well, now I'm back, so here it is:

I Expect You To Die!

On this blog, a person named Snell has been methodically reviewing each and every James Bond film leading up to this week's American release of Quantum of Solace. His takes on the films aren't identical with mine, but they line up in a lot of key ways, and his reviews make for extremely entertaining reading. I've had a grand time following this blog the last couple of months, and it bums me out that I can only share it now that its purpose is nearly done. But hey, archives are like diamonds: they're forever! So go look. If you enjoy James Bond at all, check this one out.

I Expect You To Die!

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