Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold: a link-dump.

I bookmarked a bunch of things while I wasn't blogging, and now I figure I'll just dump 'em all here, either without comment or with short, pithy comment.

:: There's a gadget called The Typealyzer which analyzes the writing in a blog and spits back -- really quickly -- the Myers-Briggs personality type of that blogger, based on the writing. They peg me as an ESFP, while when I've taken quizzes for my type, I've always come up INFP. Hmmmmm. I suspect that I actually am a little more extroverted on the blog than in real life. (via)

:: Back in October, Nettl posted a very nice story about Barack Obama. Because I love me some Barack Obama.

:: There's a dating site for Objectivists. Read some profiles here. One wonders what the pillowtalk would sound like, from couples formed thusly.... (via

:: Jacob Weisberg on the Death of Libertarianism. It's a pleasant thought, but nothing will ever kill libertarianism. Just reading the comments over at Alan's blog on a normal day proves this. For some reason, Alan's got a bunch of libertarians among his regular commenters, and as always, they are always able to trace the roots of any problem back to the government, somehow, some way. One of them was actually citing something Woodrow Wilson did as a root cause of our current economic troubles. There will always be people who think that the markets can solve any problem (or that the markets are sacrosanct, and screw your problem anyway).

:: The Lost Years and Last Days of David Foster Wallace. Long, sad article about the recently-deceased writer, who committed suicide.

:: Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel won Best Novel at the World Fantasy Awards. I reviewed it way back when.

:: A while back there was a really cute, and obviously very smart, woman on Jeopardy! named Meredith. For some reason I wondered if she had an online presence at all, and turns out, she does. No, I haven't contacted her or anything (unless linking her journal here constitutes contact). That would be creepy. Or something.

:: George W. Bush: persona non grata. Can't say I'm surprised.

:: For film music lovers, the big thing of late is probably the release of the Indiana Jones Score Collection, which gathers the expanded scores of all four movies in one place. It's not a perfect release, unfortunately; for some reason, on Raiders, this set uses the original album edited cut of "The Desert Chase", instead of the full track as heard in the film (and available on an expanded CD that was briefly available in the 1990s). Worse, the film version of the End Credits to Temple of Doom isn't heard in its entirety here; instead, the finale is broken over two tracks on two different discs (!), and it omits about thirty seconds of wonderful stuff where John Williams blends the Raiders March with Short Round's Theme. Oh well. It's still a very nice set, though.

:: Somebody I know linked this article about women who pattern their lives to ridiculous degrees on decades past, but I don't remember who. Anyway, I find this incredibly creepy.

:: For Belladonna: a history of pie throwing. Splat!

:: I may have linked this before, but maybe not; I can't remember when I discovered it or even how, but Marooned is an entertaining sci-fi webcomic with a lot of sardonic humor. I like it. It updates twice a week; check it out. It doesn't take long to get caught up.

:: My favorite recent xkcd installment. This one seriously cracked me up. I always wondered what would happen if I did that....

:: I'd love to own a copy of this ruttin' map, but it costs almost twenty-seven goram dollars. Gao yang jong duh goo yang!

OK, that's it. Consider these links dump'd!

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I really think that the typealyzer will say I'm ADD idiot, but I'll check it out anyway.