Sunday, November 09, 2008


I've been messing around with the look around here a little more. New life for the blog means some new window dressing is called for, no? Obviously I was finally able to flip-flop the two columns, which means that if any of the gadgets I have in the sidebar ever hang up (like the Flickr badge tends to do on occasion), it won't gum things up to the point where the actual content takes forever to show up. Also, a new theme (water), with new mastheads that I'll switch out on a pseudo-regular basis (again, water-themed, using movie screenshots involving the sea). Finally, I'm going with a static headshot for now.

I'm undecided about the fonts, but they're a pain in the arse to mess with, so I may just leave it the way it is right now, unless the blog is now impossible for someone to read. (Which could just be my crappy writing, anyway.)

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Looks really nice.