Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tales of a Dead President

Over at, they've posted the nine finalists for the short story contest online, including the Grand Winner of All The Universe (ahem). Apparently they're only up for thirty days (after which time I'll probably post my own story here, thus ensuring its permanent location on the Interweb). The stories are as follows:

Twelve Presidents, by ME!!!
The Color of Dreams, by Jennifer Cantie
Goodnight, Ernest, by Partho Sarkar
McKinley's Blood, by Meg Jones
The Red Carnation, by Lou Rera
One of a Set of Two, by Timothy Driscoll
Love and Anarchy, by Trudy Cusella
The Wilcox House 4, by Beatrice McManis
Far Away Places, by Cynthia Keiken

As of this writing, the only of these stories that I've read is Ms. Cantie's, which I enjoyed. I'll peruse the others over the next week or so as well.

Maybe next year's contest will have a futuristic, Science Fiction theme; if so, I'll set my story at the 2147 Grand Opening of Bass Pro Buffalo!

(And thanks to Sharon LoTempio of the News for the notification that the stories are online.)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your story was awesome! I loved the way you related the historical facts to the characters. Entertaining and educational, the best of both worlds. Way to go! Now I have to read "The Promised King."