Saturday, March 03, 2007

I am your geography god.

I got 'em all in three minutes, forty seconds.

I remember a similar running joke on an episode of Friends, when Joey was proud because he was able to name fifty-six states, and later made fun of Ross, who'd been stumped at forty-six, as "Mr. I forgot ten states".


Belladonna said...

HMMM, the tale of two killers in the French Quarter of New Orleans sounds way too creepy for my tastes. Will you be putting up any sci fi?

Kelly Sedinger said...

I think you put your comment under the wrong post! :) But I'll probably have some fantasy up before I have any sci-fi, but I do plan to foist off some sci-fi that I don't plan to read again or need to move to make space.

(And no, as far as I know you thus far, that book would not be anywhere near your tastes. That is one bloody, gruesome book. I liked it, but I have no desire to read it again.)