Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sentential Links #90

Time to link stuff! Hooray! (Although not as many this week, since I was offline for something like two days. Two long days. Two lllooonnnggg days. Longest days ever.)

:: Ass. (Who? Click it!)

:: Every blogger, no matter how well read, tends to suffer from "Ted Barlow syndrome"; the belief that nothing you say or do or write matters. (Crap, I can't even get that syndrome named after me.)

:: It is official.

I'm going to relocate to Buffalo.
(Ha ha ha HAAAA! In your face, Charlotte NC!)

:: It was probably the most glorious summer of my life.

:: Success does not equal significance. (Maybe not, but it can. Take a look at the Young Adult/Children's book sections at the bookstore if you have any doubts as to the significance of the Harry Potter books.)

:: Today, I released my first book into the wild. (Apparently a Japanese guy tried picking it up, but a Greenpeace activist made him stop.)

:: The poems are, of course, long gone because, um… Why exactly? Are kids just getting too much dang poetry on TV? (You bet! All the verse on the teevee is getting to be too much!)

:: By making clear the real reason for the exclusion of gays, Pace is helping to sound the death knell of their exclusion. (We can only hope.)

:: Is it a good sign to discover metal in your fourth decade?

All for this week.


Tal said...

Wheee, you totally just made my day! Thanks for the link! Now to go back and fix the typos...

Demosthenes said...

TBD isn't named after me, either, and perhaps should.

To be clear, I didn't coin the term, it was over on skippy's blog, and I think Ted remains the most prominent sufferer. He really was a great blogger, but these days, you need to be a comments and guest-poster wrangler more than a straight-up blogger to actually gain some prominence.