Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I didn't blog this the other night, but I was surprised to see Rob-and-Amber depart The Amazing Race. I didn't like them and was glad to see them go, but I liked the fact that the first time the detour involved brains, they promptly tanked it.

So, who are my remaining favorites? I don't know. Dustin-and-Kandice are kinda winning me over, since they're always fairly positive and since they have to figure things out themselves this year. (Was there a rule change to disallow having natives get in the car with the racers to show them where exactly to go? That was infuriating in TAR 10, when D&K would bat their shiny blondie eyes at some local dude, and have him drive them right to the location, while everyone else was trying to find someone who spoke any English at all.) Uchenna-and-Joyce are kind of cool, although it annoyed me that they kept trying to assign Guam as the place Magellan began his voyage (hey, guys, how do you suppose Magellan got to Guam in the first place?). And Charla-and-Mirna (or is it Marla-and-Chirna?) are oddly compelling. I'm not rooting for them to win (making the dwarf lug the giant sign pole up the hill? Huh-whuh?), but I hope they stick around a while, because their exploits are just comical.

And I had no idea that Chile was that beautiful a country.


Belladonna said...

I've never watched the show. But then, there's a lot of TV I've never seen. But I HAVE seen some very cool photos of Chile. A pal of mine is living there now doing mission work for her church. She says the people are amazing, the country side is gorgeous, and she wishes she never had to come back.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've never seen AR either, or the Survivor or anything else Romber were on, but I find them tiresome in the extreme.

Derek J. Punaro said...

If I have to listen to Mirna scream "CHARLA!!!!!!" one more time, I'm gonna puke. I hope they're the next to go.