Monday, March 05, 2007

Sentential Links #89

Let's get right to it, shall we? (More political ones than usual.)

:: Outside of Berkeley, you'd have to swing several hundred dead cats before you'd be likely to come across an actual socialist.

:: Obviously, I'd forgotten the Conservative Rule of Decency which is that calling, explicitly or implicitly, for one's political rivals to be killed and/or imprisoned is fine, but using naughty language is not. Coulter, by unleashing the other F-Bomb, joined me in forgetting this rule and wound up being punished.

:: Terry Nitpicker notes (in a post that deserves to be read and re-read and handed down through the generations as a priceless family heirloom) that George W. Bush has now dressed up as 2/3rds of the Village People, putting him only a Red Indian or, um, some sorta horse show traffic cop away from tying James K. Polk’s 1847 record of five Village People impersonated while in office.

:: "What is this 'incivility'?" you may be asking. 'Incivility' is using a naughty word. Now, you might think that you could simply excise the naughty word and be done with it, but no, that’s not how civility works. (Yes, two to the same blog. I couldn't decide which to use.)

:: All your fictional universes are belong to Holmes. He's in ur c0ntinuity, c00pting your can0n. Give in. Resistance is futile.

:: And now the literary journal Canadian literary chapbook Tickled by Thunder has published my short story "TKO." (Congrats!)

:: Some day, I hope to visit Apache Junction, particularly the new baseball, basketball and other sports and recreation park that was named for my brother and where his ashes were spread, and maybe I'll get to meet one of the Brian Hosey Youth Award/Scholarship winners and let them know a little bit about the man the award is named after, my big brother, Brian. (A beautifully written tribute by Kevin.)

:: Paul was the third child and the last child. My father had made a great fuss about only having two children and the proper use of condoms, but when Paul came along three years or so after Mark (In those days one was supposed to leave a two-year gap between children), it was my mother who went back into the hospital for "repair work." It was a tubal ligation. (And a haunting tribute.)

We'll return next week.

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