Saturday, March 03, 2007

Little Annie

Glenn Greenwald on Ann Coulter, who continues to get the plum speaking engagements when members of the Right get together:

[T]he single most prestigious political event for conservatives of the year is a place where conservatives go to hear Democrats called faggots, Arabs called ragheads, and Supreme Court justices labeled as deserving of murder -- not by anonymous, unidentifiable blog commenters, but by one of their most popular featured speakers.


But we should, at the very least, be able to have a moratorium on all of the scandals driven by their claims to be so offended and upset when anonymous commenters on a blog say mean things, or when bloggers use curse words, or when Senators transparently botch a joke. The ugliest and most obscene sentiments are openly expressed not by their blog commenters or even bloggers -- though that is true -- but by their most admired and successful political leaders, the ones whom their presidential candidates desperately seek to embrace and for whom their most committed throngs cheer wildly.


She is the face of what the hard-core Republican Party has become, particularly during the Bush presidency. That is why she holds the position she holds in that movement. That's why Mitt Romney was giddy with glee when her name passed his lips. He knows that her endorsement is valuable precisely because she holds great sway within the party, and she holds great sway because the hard-core party faithful consider her a hero for expressing the thoughts which they themselves believe but which other, less courageous Republican figures are afraid to express.

This is not about a single comment or isolated remark. The more Ann Coulter says these things, the more popular she becomes in this movement. What this is about is that she reflects exactly what sort of political movement this is. She reflects its true impulses and core beliefs. If that were not the case, why would she continue to receive top billing at their most prestigious events, and why would she continue to be lavished with rock star-adoration by the party faithful?

I have nothing to add, really.

UPDATE: Still nothing really to add, except to note the fact that the Right gets the vapors whenever left-wing bloggers swear, and yet they cheer this kind of stuff. By current American standards, Democratic presidential candidates can't hire people like Amanda Marcotte but Republican candidates can accept the endorsement of Ann Coulter even as she calls prominent Democrats "faggots".

It seems that Republican "civility" mainly means "We can say whatever we want, but you can't."


LC Scotty said...

A few prominent right leaners that aren't cheerleading for Coulter.

From Malkin,

"***4:15pm update***

Ann Coulter just finished her riff on Al Gore, tossed out some cute jokes ("You can understand why Hollywood is concerned about global warming. You know what heat does to plastic."), and ended with a cheap one-liner about John Edwards being a "faggot." (Paraphrasing) She said she would refrain from commenting on Edwards because "if you say faggot, you have to go to rehab."

A smattering of laughter.

Not from this corner.

Crickets chirping.

Flashback: Last year's bomb about "ragheads."

Even Redstate is getting in on the act.

To be sure, there are a disturbing number of folks on the right that cheerlead for Coulter. Personally, I can't stand her. Are there left leaning blogs critical of Marcotte and McEwan? Did Kos step up and distance himself from Christians being called Godbags? Did Duncan Black say anything when Christianity is repeatedly equated with mysogyny? I'm asking because I don't know, not because I'm supposing that they didn't.

The bottom line is, if we step outside our leanings and loyalties, we see both sides doing pretty much the same things in the same reprehensible fashion. And they're both crying foul and blaming the other side.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Did any of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination in 2008 step up to introduce anyone who said any of the things to which you allude? Are any of the people who say things like "Godbags" (first time I've ever heard of that, btw) regularly featured prominent speakers at events where every major Democratic officeholder, candidate, or activist is in attendance?

Shall I assume that Coulter won't be invited to the CPAC event in 2008?

Sorry, but I categorically reject the notion that both sides are doing the same thing. Two bloggers who have written provocative stuff in the past being hired for relatively low-ranking staff jobs on the campaign of a guy who's unlikely to be nominated anyway isn't even close to Coulter being invited again and again and again to speak at CPAC. And for everyone on the Right to invoke the "I'm shocked! Shocked! that she would say such things!" defense every time this woman opens her mouth is absurd.