Monday, July 24, 2006

Now what does that remind me of?

A reader e-mails me this item:

Like Romans, Athenians and residents of other great historic cities, the people of Istanbul can hardly put a shovel in the ground without digging up something important.

But the ancient port uncovered last November in the Yenikapi neighborhood is of a different scale: It has grown into the largest archaeological dig in Istanbul's history, and the port's extent is only now being revealed.

Archaeologists call it the "Port of Theodosius," after the emperor of Rome and Byzantium who died in A.D. 395. They expect to gain insights into ancient commercial life in the city, once called Constantinople, that was the capital of the eastern Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. old seaport discovered in what was once Constantinople...archaeological wonders found on the shores of...nah, that can't be it.


Anonymous said...

I feel like a total idiot... but what am I missing here?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Constantinople...former capital of Byzantium...a port found on its shores...