Monday, July 24, 2006

Sentential Links #58

Here we go again. Failure to click these links will be noted on your PERMANENT RECORD.

:: Thank God Hell's Kitchen returned last night. Two weeks with nary an expletive use of the word "DONKEY!" and I nearly passed out from the shakes. I'm addicted, I tell you. I'm addicted! (Me too, I gotta admit. I wouldn't mind getting a DVD of this show sometime, so I could hear Ramsay's unbleeped kitchen bellowings. Personally, I think "You f***ing DONKEY!" should be the next phrase to sweep the nation.)

:: Poor Warren Spahn. It’s like you're in a best-looking dude contest and you find out George Clooney is entered. (Yeah, I hate when that happens!)

:: And so I end my reign of being the last human being on Earth who hasn’t seen Jaws. (My God! That's like not having seen Star Wars.)

:: We were trying to think of much better ways to determine the winner of Miss Universe:

-Make them answer geography questions.
-Make them play Risk.
-Make them fight each other with the traditional weapons of their country.

:: Ok, this whole blog thing is getting too inbred. Arrive at blog A. Follow link to B. Follow link to C. Then follow a link and find yourself back at A. Too many closed circles. I’m as guilty as anyone of perpetuating this. (Fair enough:)

:: I am a geek. I have rehearsed world domination monologues while shaving my legs. I have finely tuned plans for what I will do if I fall into a vat of radioactive waste and emerge with superstrength. And I am just as entitled to my self-indulgent adolescent power fantasies as any male comic book nerd.

:: Here’s McCarty Glacier in Alaska, as photographed by Ulysses Sherman Grant in 1909 (black-and-white) and by Bruce F. Molnia in 2004 (color): (Wow.)

:: Going to college is pretty much like going to kindergarten, but with less structure and discipline.

And finally:

:: My friends, of course, the ones I've made and the ones I've kept over these years, are my biggest accomplishment. (A happy belated birthday to the Indestructible Mr. Jones, whom I have known longer than anyone currently in my life save my immediate family.)

Onward and upward....

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