Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

This isn't really weirdness in the classic sense, but a mildly interesting bit of comic book history, at least for me. I just bought a copy of The Comic Book Encyclopedia, and in thumbing through it, I read the entry about the Silver Surfer, which in turn reminded me of the character Galactus, which in turn reminded me of a story that Marvel serialized in EPIC Magazine called "The Last Galactus Story". But EPIC was discontinued before "The Last Galactus Story" actually ended, and the thing sat in limbo for years. So I did a search on it, having not thought about "The Last Galactus Story" in years, and found the answer here, in which the story's writer and artist, John Byrne, describes how it was to end. More interestingly, Byrne goes on to describe why he's left every comics series he's ever departed. It's interesting to learn that he departed Alpha Flight because he basically thought that Alpha Flight was a bad idea.

I was never the biggest fan of John Byrne's work; his landscapes were impressive, but every character he drew seemed to have a big lantern jaw. Got distracting after a while.

No, no real point here. Moving along....

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