Sunday, July 02, 2006

Time to delve deeply into the mysteries of humanity -- oooh, a butterfly!

I've been gathering a number of titles for my space opera reading project, although the project itself is on slight hold because I have a backlog of review books awaiting my attention. It's a lot of fun buying cheap paperback SF novels on eBay, I must admit -- I tend to simply look for cover art that screams out, "Space Opera here". We're talking guys with swords posing in front of soaring space ships and the like.

But then, I hop over to MeFi this morning and find a compelling reading list of books pertaining to another long-simmering fascination of mine, the sea. So now I've just got to start reading through this list, too. I've got two down, out of 101: The Odyssey and Under the Black Flag (a wonderful history of pirates that examines both piratical myth and reality).

Too much reading! And here I am, typing away into Blogger....

(By the way, space opera reading suggestions are still welcome. Feel free to e-mail or leave comments. The original comments thread for the old post is gone, since it was hosted on my old system, but I did make note of all the books that were suggested therein. I'd be particularly interested in space opera comics or manga.

And if anyone wants to make reading suggestions of books involving the sea, well, feel free to do that as well!)

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