Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

My whole life, I've never yet met a person who thought Marmaduke was funny. Not one. I know people who look forward to Doonesbury, Boondocks, and Blondie. It strikes me as one of the Universe's cosmic injustices that Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side are distant memories, but Marmaduke keeps chugging along.

Well, here's a fellow who makes Marmaduke funny. How does he do it? By simply explaining each daily morsel of insipidness:

Marmaduke is preventing a charity organization from aiding the needy simply because he is hungry, and also powerful enough to stop a car with his front legs.

This is so wonderfully funny and weird -- it's a quintessential Burst of Weirdness!

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