Monday, July 31, 2006

Sentential Links #59

It's that time again. I'm doing something new this time out: none of the blogs linked below have ever been linked by me before. In fact, few of them have ever been seen by me before. I'm just doing some Googling and linking, in an effort to shake things up a little. Some of this will be exceedingly weird; some of it will be perfectly normal. And you won't know until you click which are the weird ones! Ha!

:: THE PLANES USED IN THE ATTACKS ON THE TWIN TOWERS WERE PILOTED BY REMOTE CONTROL. (Well, you can probably tell whether this one's weird or not without clicking through. But it's pretty trippy, anyway.)

:: Second week of my wild foods class...learning about all the edible weeds growing around is like meeting new friends.

:: I should say something pithy: hmmm. Maybe do a "what I learned" rant or something. Well, what I learned: some people in the field of UFO studies are idiots.

:: We listened as speakers at Penn State were shouting their opposition to a war in Iraq, but what they failed to understand is that this is the most important area of the world right now. The Controllers - architects for the New World Order - have pinpointed the Middle East and Eurasia as the most valuable real estate on the globe because of its oil and raw materials. If the United States doesn't take this land - or, should we say the "Controllers" - somebody else IS going to. It won't sit there forever unclaimed. (There's probably niftier stuff in there, but this blog's color scheme is very hard on the eyes.)

:: And when I drive back into San Francisco from the airport, it will no longer be the city I share with Trousers. It'll be a different place, minus one absolutely unique, amazing, precious person and a little bloody chunk of my heart. (Not safe for work.)

:: That’s what I love about David Gemmell; you’ll never see a hero like Aragorn, only Boromir. You’ll never read of King Peter, only Edmund. And that’s exactly what real life is: deeply flawed people sometimes rising to the heroic. (David Gemmell died the other day. I've never read him. I will make a point of doing so.)

:: I know those who hail from the Northern Hemisphere are melting in a heatwave, but down South, things are rather cool and grey. Very dull.

All for this week. Remember, I've never read a one of these before, and I didn't "vet" them by digging into their archives either, so your mileage may vary!


redsneakz said...

Kel, the first one is so odd that it defies explanation. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear Gemmell passed on - I've enjoyed everything of his that I've read, and had been hoping to see more from him.