Sunday, July 02, 2006


New stuff about Blogistan:

:: Aaron posted stuff. His next scheduled postings should appear in late September, so get your tickets now!

:: Newly-minted blogger Shawn Kardell's a guy I went to college with. He was just another face in the Arts Center Student Lounge until one day he spontaneously recited a bit of obscure Star Wars dialogue, which I finished, to his astonishment. (Stormtrooper: "Hey, have you seen that new BT-16?" Other stormtrooper: "Yeah, one of the other guys was telling me about that. He said it's quite a thing to see.") He was also a collector of Zippo lighters at the time; don't know if he still is, but it further impressed him when I informed him that my hometown at the time was about thirty minutes away from the Zippo factory in Bradford, PA.

:: Former blogger Jason Streed of Waterloo, IA is back blogging again. He's a very erudite individual, but he didn't seem terribly enamored of blogging when he was maintaining Finches Wings, his old blog which he eventually deleted. Well, then he turned up on MySpace, decided he thinks MySpace stinks as a blogging environment (as do I -- why that site is so popular is beyond me), and has now moved to WordPress. Got all that? Anyway, he can now be found at High Weir. Not much there yet, but I look forward to reading his explorations of all things literary. This guy's a reader to a degree that makes me feel like Homer Simpson, reading the label on the back of the bag of honey-roasted peanuts.

:: The Bedenkoization of the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan continues, with the birth of Mia, Alan's newest addition. I've known that Alan and his wife were expecting for a long time, now -- he told me of her pregancy when I met him in person at Little Quinn's wake -- and when Alan noted a few weeks ago that he might not be able to make BloggerCon Episode IV: Bloggers in the Park, I immediately thought, "Hmmmm...wonder why that could be...."

Personally, I expect Mia's first words to be "Buffalo, bitches!"

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All Things Jennifer said...

Congrats to Alan! ;)

I too, think I am unable to attend the picnic...might be moving the rest of Rochester apartment into ours in Buffalo.

And I am pretty sure Jen 14221 coined the term *bitches* I wonder if Alan got permission to make it his own? I always imagine Alan channeling Jen when he posts botches on his blog...