Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Five Things

I'm stealing this from Paul. It's just "five things..." my refrigerator.

1. Strawberries.
2. Blueberries.
3. A 2.5 gallon jug of spring water, the kind with the spigot.
4. Several bottles of Yuengling's.
5. A very old bottle of huckleberry syrup -- wonder if that stuff's still any good! my closet.

1. All of my uniform shirts from The Store.
2. All of my overalls.
3. All of my tie-dyed stuff.
4. A number of pairs of shoes.
5. My telescope. Gotta get it out again one of these years. my purse.

Errr...let's change that one, actually: my toolbox.

1. A set of Klein screwdrivers and nut drivers.
2. A carpenter's square.
3. A whole bunch of drill bits, including four different size countersink bits, five sizes masonry bits, four sizes of glass/ceramic tile bits, and a whole bunch of different size driver heads for my quick-change system.
4. A small Mag-light flashlight.
5. A bunch of pairs of pliers. my vehicle.

1. Two boxes of books for the next library book sale.
2. About thirty granola bar wrappers. (I eat them on the way to work in the morning, stuff them in a plastic grocery bag when I'm done, and toss the bag when it's full.)
3. A spare tire.
4. The ribbon from a birthday gift a friend gave me.
5. A couple of empty water bottles.

I guess I might as well add a few more categories:

...on my desk.

1. Three different candle-holders that use tealights.
2. Two cups full of pens: one holds fountain pens, the other ballpoints, rollerballs, Sharpies, and highlighters.
3. Two die-cast Millennium Falcons. Yup, I have two of 'em now. Wanna make something of it?
4. A box of 3.5 inch floppy disks. Wonder if there's still anything important on those....
5. My eleven-year-old Sony Discman. Paid $200 for it back in 1995; still going strong. Yeah, the same player would cost about $40 today, but so what? It still works.

...on my walls.

1. A Phantom Menace poster.
2. A map of the world from National Geographic.
3. A Casablanca poster.
4. A Celtic wall-hanging.
5. A wooden shelf laden with knick-knacks.

...on my bookshelves (other than books).

1. Three chess sets: a Mayan set that I got at the Fair last year, an Isle of Lewis set The Wife bought me years ago, and a set that my sister bought for me also years ago. Can't wait until The Daughter learns chess.
2. A clone-trooper action figure, posed standing with a tripod-mounted blaster rifle.
3. An early manuscript of The Promised King, written before I realized that a hundred-page infodump wasn't a good thing.
4. A fake gargoyle.
5. A multicolored candle that was also a gift from a friend. I probably won't burn it because it's a memento. my head.

1. "God, our President is a pinhead."
2. "Two days to training camp! Woo-hoo!"
3. "Two days to training camp. Man, are they gonna suck...."
4. "I could go for some pie."
5. "The mist of May is in the gloamin',
There's lazy music in the rill;
So take my hand and let's go roamin'
Through the heather on the hill!"

...I want to do in the next few years.

1. Learn carpentry.
2. Read as much space opera as possible.
3. Finish The Promised King.
4. Attend the Sterling Renaissance Festival in costume. (We're going this weekend, in boring modern wear.)
5. Read. Think. Learn. (Thanks, M-Mv!)


Mental multivitamin said...

You're welcome, and thank *you*, as always, for the link and kind words.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I'm just astonished that a Discman cost $200 back in 95. Makes me feel much less guilty about the prie of my iPod. ;)

I'm also curious as to how you've kept it going - there was a period of time where I went through those things like crazy.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I've never used that Discman for use as a "walking" CD player; I use it exclusively for listening to music when I'm doing stuff at my desk. When I look at the price I paid for it versus the years I've gotten out of it, I think it's something of a bargain. I'm a "pay more for something that will last a hell of a lot longer than something cheap" kind of person.

I have another personal CD player that I use for walking; that one's four years old and still going strong.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I'm more a "buy cheap because I abuse the hell out of stuff" kind of person. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hop you have such a wonderful time at the Renaissance Festival forgetting that you forget there ever was a sony let alone a discman. ;)

Peter Mc said...

Good quality screwdrivers. We like. The original Byzantianites could have done with your toolbox: the dome of what's now Hagia Sophia collapsed five times (with many dead) before they got it right.