Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Monday morning... if you're feeling gloomy, here's a photo.

From Tumblr; original.


Roger Owen Green said...

OK, what does "only positive integer to lie directly between a square and a cube" mean? 26 is between 25 (5^2) and 27(3^3). But 123 is between 121 (11^2) and 125 (5^3), and so are, depending what is meant, 122 and 124. I SO don't get this.

Kelly Sedinger said...

You're on the wrong thread! But that's OK...I think what's meant there (I copied it from a site on numbers that I googled) is that 26 is the ONLY positive integer between a square (25) and a cube (27). Not the case with 123, as you note.