Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

I'm sure I've done some version or other of this topic as the Wednesday thing before, but it's a fun topic that always inspires entertaining rantage, so: add a commandment or two to this list!


Lynn said...

Thou shall not leave one's shopping cart diagonally in the middle of the aisle while taking 15 minutes to read all the ingredients on the soup can labels.

Thou shall not start putting your groceries on the belt just six inches behind mine when there is no divider.

fillyjonk said...

Oh, I have some badly behaved people at my local grocery:

11. Thou shalt not argue with the cashier when s/he disallows use of an expired coupon, a coupon for another store, a coupon for a product you aren't even buying.

12. Thou shalt encourage thy children not to shriek and run in the store. (I get that kids occasionally melt down, but really, when a kid is screaming so loudly I can hear it at the other end of a store longer than a football field? Something's wrong.)

13. Thou shalt not block other patron's access to goods simply because you met a friend and want to talk with them. (I've seen people park three carts, DIAGONALLY, in an aisle, effectively blocking half of it. I should not have to say "Excuse me" in order to get a stupid jar of peanut butter.)

14. Thou shalt not play tongue hockey with thy beloved in Frozen Foods. Or anywhere else. (Yup, I've seen that happen.)

15. Thou shalt not talk/text on thy cell phone to the extent that thou ignorest the existence of other people and run into them in the aisles. (I shouldn't have to dodge people barrelling through the store, texting, and never looking up.)

the author said...

Thou shalt not leave the checkout line to get an item you forgot once the cashier has begun ringing up your order. This is rude, ties up the entire line and frustrates the poor cashier, who must soothe everyone else in the line. Plus you will take at least ten minutes to find whatever it is, and when you come back you're always unapologetic and completely oblivious to the fact that everyone waiting behind you in line has melting ice cream, a shrieking toddler and pretty much wants you dead.

Roger Owen Green said...

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