Saturday, March 03, 2012


Wow, is it ever windy today! In fact, this whole friggin' winter has been really windy. We've had spectacularly little snow so far this year, and now that it's March, except for the odd late-season storm that we're known to get, we're very likely pretty much done with snowfall for this year. According to last week's Buffalo News, we've had slightly more than 34 inches so far this year. Usually we've received more than twice that. A lot of people are happy about this, but I'm not...I like snow, and I like going sledding and walking in the snow at Chestnut Ridge park and other such places.

What I do not like is wind. I find wind incredibly irritating, because wind can pretty much render any set of weather circumstances unpleasant. High wind in winter is awful, because it makes the cold colder and more painful...but high wind in summer is just as unpleasant, because it makes it hard to do anything fun outside then, too. I've been to picnics when I've spent more time holding stuff down than eating; riding a bike in wind is just not fun at all; walking is drudgery, and I'm sure that jogging (which I'm planning on taking up when it warms up a little) isn't fun in the wind, either. Back when I used to go kayaking, paddling a boat into wind was a lot of shite. And just sitting in the grass and reading is tough to enjoy when the wind is having its way.

This winter has been very's felt like excessive levels of wind at least twice a week for three months, and I think we've had more Wind Advisories than Winter Weather Advisories. We've had a lot of days where we've sustained wind gusts of over 50 mph. And today we're having another one. I would gladly take twice the snow we've had this winter in exchange for half the wind.

Although, I must admit that overalls can be fun to wear outside when it's really windy. If you angle yourself correctly, the bib will fill with wind, like a little sail, and it's like you're being tugged around by the overalls. But aside from that...wind sucks.

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