Monday, March 05, 2012

Sentential Links

Time for linkage...but first, a song by Pink Floyd!

:: So again, because I can’t say this strongly enough: asteroid 2012 DA14 is not an impact threat for February 2013. (Now I can stop worrying and write that symphony!)

:: A lot of board games come out every year. Some of them are really great. Many of them are okay rehashes of what has come before. Some are crappy. And some are just sort of there. This post is dedicated to the last category. (Man, I really need to do more table-top gaming.)

:: This is what passes for a punchline, presumably because it's a line of dialogue actually makes you want to punch a fictional character.

:: It is good to be reminded that I have the ability to be grounded and full, that the world is not slipping away quite as fast as I think. (I am so doing this one of these days. Although we have an electric stove, so I'll have to allow that one.)

:: My vote for the scummiest people on the planet are the lowlifes who own and operate towing companies. Not the good folks from service stations or AAA providing roadside service; I’m talking about the dirt bags who tow your car from parking spaces, hold your car hostage, and then essentially rob you to get it back.

:: The people wanted those services that were provided by the government, and they were willing to pay more than the actual $200 that the tax increase would have cost them in order to get them. The thing is, they would rather pay more than pay the government for those same services. (But...gummint is always bad! Taxes bad! Market good!)

:: Just because everyone has been telling you for years that The Empire Strikes Back was the best of the original trilogy doesn't mean you have to keep quiet and knuckle under to the mob. That's what Goebbels counted on, right? So say it proudly: Return of the Jedi is the best of the six Star Wars movies! Come out of the closet! (When asked to name a Best Star Wars movie, I almost always name A New Hope, just because it came first and nothing else would have come after had it not been, well, frakking awesome. But in all honesty, I adore each and every one of these damn movies. Kevin Drum writes a nicely argued post in defense of RotJ, and I'll go one better to say that I like the Ewoks just fine!)

More next week!

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Ben Varkentine said...

Please, don't be absurd. Return of the Jedi has a giant vagina in it for gods sake.